Ducati Will Do Everything to Defend Dovizioso

Bologna - Andrea Dovizioso's appearance in last season will be a magnet for other teams. However, Ducati will do everything to keep the Italian rider.

In 2017, Dovizioso scored six wins and appeared as runner-up under champion Marc Marquez. Given his contract that will expire at the end of this year (like other racers), Dovizioso is believed to be targeted by rumors that may not make sense.

However, Ducati's main job today is to raise Dovizioso's 'only' salary of one million euros per year, well below teammate Jorge Lorenzo. Though the Spaniard marked his debut season with disappointment after just climbing the podium three times without a victory.

Ducati claims will not offer an extraordinary contract offer as when hooking Lorenzo from Yamaha where he was paid 12 million euros per year. However, for the sake of Dovizioso could have Ducati will make exceptions.

"We have a great effort to get Jorge, but we should not forget he came up with five titles, it's a huge one-time effort," CEO Ducati Claudio Domenicali said in Autosport.

"In the future there will be better balance in reconciling the rider, we can offer a motor that shows that the bike is very competitive, because Dovizioso did very well.When we negotiated with both (Dovi and Lorenzo) in early 2016 we offered a a bike that has not won the race in five years. "

"Since then we have won two races in 2016 and then six races in 2017. So the competitiveness of the bike is different, it will be an important factor when discussing the contract extension of both riders," he continued.

"We will do everything to keep Andrea, because we believe her potential on our motorcycles is very high.Dovizioso is not the same today as two years ago.When we recruit Lorenzo we think about his five titles.Dovi won six races in 2017." continued Domenicali.

"Our target will be to keep both, but on the other hand the conditions are changing and we will try to find balance."

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