Alleged Money Politics. La Nyalla Vs Prabowo

La Nyalla Mattalitti's song about the political dowry demanded by Prabowo Subianto increasingly heated the political situation ahead of the elections in 2018. Because of course, the political cost is very expensive and irrational.
 In the event with regional heads, Home Affairs Minister Tjahyo Kumolo once revealed to follow the election of regent / mayor required at least Rp 20 billion. That's a minimal amount. There are up to Rp 100 billion.

The Minister of Home Affairs gave an example of one of his colleagues at the DPR who had to spend up to Rp 40 billion to join the pilbub. So, to be able to follow elections at the district level the average candidates need political costs between Rp 20 billion to Rp 100 billion.

The political cost of pilgub can certainly be even greater. In Jakarta pilgub that seize wide attention a year ago, each candidate spent up to tens of billions of billions and hundreds of billions of rupiah.

Reporting from the official page of KPU Jakarta, based on audit results by the auditor of the selection, fund campaign paslon serial number 1, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono-Sylviana Murni, recorded Rp 68.967 billion. The funds used were Rp 68.953 billion.

Dana Paslon campaign number 2, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama-Djarot Saiful Hidayat, Rp 60.190 billion. The funds used were Rp 53.696 billion. The audit results for paslon serial number 3, Anies Rasyid Baswedan-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Rp 65.227 billion and funds used 64.719 billion.

In the second round, Ahok-Djarot has Rp 32.4 billion with Rp 31.75 billion. Anies-Password in the second round spent a campaign fund of Rp 17.6 billion. "The cost of politics is high, we are not available," said Anies, Friday (12/1).

Chairman of DPP Gerindra Ahmad Riza Patria also said the political cost is not cheap. But he insists there is no dowry as alleged La Nyalla Mattalitti to Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto.

He told me when Ahok is still a cadre Gerindra and paired with Jokowi as cagub / cawagub DKI spend a lot of money. Prabowo's brother, Hashim Djodjohadikusumo, injected a Jokowi-Ahok campaign fund with an amount of around Rp 62 billion.

The issue of political expenditure re-emerged after La Nyalla 'sing' that he was asked for political dowries by Prabowo in pencaloannya as East Java cagub. Prabowo, said La Nyalla, asked for money to witness Rp 40 billion pilgub.

Initially, La Nyalla said he was asked hundreds of billions of dollars which he thought joking. Apparently, that's serious. Former chairman of this PSSI did not meet the demand that then his nomination as cagub Java was canceled.

Demand for the money, according to La Nyalla, delivered Prabowo on Saturday (10/12) in Hambalang, Bogor, when Gerindra announced Sudrajat as cagub on pilgub Jabar. The money must be submitted by the latest on December 20, 2018. "Otherwise I will not get a recommendation," said La Nyalla, Thursday (11/1).

La Nyalla received a mandate as cagub Jatim on December 11 where the letter was valid for 10 days. In his journey, La Nyalla failed to get the coalition party and his cawagub companion. Had appeared the discourse menyandingkannya with Anang Hermansyah, but eventually ran aground in the middle of the road.

Gerindra Party Vice Chairman Fadli Zon denied accusations La Nyalla. He had neither heard nor found evidence that La Nyalla was asked for Rp 40 billion by Prabowo.

"For example it is related to its readiness to provide election funds, which it used for itself, I think it is very possible," said Fadli at Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (11/1).

Meanwhile, Riza Patria assesses the issue of La Nyalla does not need to be brought up considering he is a cadre of meritorious to Gerindra. "La Nyalla is a good man, I know very well, I belong Gerindra cadres who support him in East Java Pilgub," said Riza at Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday (12/1).

Therefore, Riza said her party is unlikely to take any legal action against the statement. Related to legal steps, Gerindra will conduct friendship, mediation, do the ways to solve the problem of consensus.

The cost of politics is not rational

In a discussion some time ago, political psychology expert from the University of Indonesia (UI) Hamdi Muluk justify the rise of corruption in Indonesia because of the high political cost and irrational. As a result, in order to meet the political costs, many regional heads and legislative members are tempted to commit corruption.

"The cost of campaigning candidates (candidates for legislative members) and candidates for regional heads up to hundreds of billions of rupiah is very high and irrational," said Hamdi Muluk.

According to Hamdi Muluk, the cost of a very high campaign is not rational, because the salary of the regional head is only about Rp 15 million-Rp 20 million, while the salary of members of the House of Representatives is only about Rp 50 million. With the cost of a campaign that reaches hundreds of billions, according to him, then from the salary he received collected for five years, has not covered the cost of the campaign.

"With very high campaign costs, so many candidates and candidates for regional heads are looking for sponsors to finance his campaign," he said.

Hamdi explained that if there are spinors, the elected regional heads and legislative members will defend the sponsors and try to recover the sponsorship fee. Conditions like this, he said, that often trap regional heads and legislative members to corrupt practices.

Hamdi Muluk proposed that the people oversee the performance of public officials, especially regional heads and legislative members. According to him, if there is no supervision from the public it will rampant corrupt practices.

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