Sunday, December 24, 2017

Where is Santa ?

Where is santa ? Entering December, surely many Christians are preparing to celebrate Christmas or the Birthday of the Savior. Moreover, very excited little children meet with Santa Claus to get a unique gift-unique Christmas.

Santa Claus character who is identified with an old grandfather in red robes with a thick white beard while laughing "ho .. ho .. ho .." This is very eagerly awaited his arrival to enliven the atmosphere of Christmas. Coupled with the character of Santa Claus who has a large body that makes children more and more fierce see the icon from this Christmas day.

Looking to the other side, on Christmas day before the new year various shopping malls and even hotels adorn themselves with a beautiful Christmas tree, welcoming the arrival of Santa Claus or Santa Claus in Dutch with his assistant named Piet. Little children rejoice and wish to receive a gift from Santa Claus, who had previously been prepared by their parents, for being a good boy all year. While the bad boy will be punished by Piet. And usually this is used as a means of education for their children. Many of the little boys ask where Santa Claus lived? They imagine it, Santa Claus must live in a very cold place in the Arctic.

Pssst ... Actually Santa Claus lives in Finland you know, more precisely in Rovaniemi. There is the Santa Claus Village, which every December is densely visited by tourists from various countries. Stunning scenery was seen in this village where Santa Claus lived. Various houses, cars, trees, covered with thick snow. This small town has been inhabited since the 12th century as a woodcutter stopover. Santa Claus Village itself opened to the public in the Summer of 1985. When you were there, you really will feel the unforgettable White Christmas. Other fascinating sights also come from small children running around throwing snowballs to their friends adding to the fun in this Santa Claus residence.

Santa Claus Village has its own post office in charge of receiving and answering letters sent by the world's children to Santa Claus. What is unique is that we can make a stamp with a picture of ourselves while wearing a Santa Claus hat. These stamps work like ordinary stamps and can be shipped to the world. If children want to meet Santa Claus, they must line up orderly to meet their idols. After his turn, Santa will talk to you for a while and take a picture with you. Waaah must be really exciting. As a memento, Santa Claus will give you a copy of the name and date of the day that says you have come to Santa Claus Village.