Sunday, December 24, 2017

This Boy Write a Heartwarming Letter to Santa Claus

Soon, Christmas Day is coming soon. A rich Christmas with an atmosphere of family togetherness, friends, and colleagues is important to celebrate the impression and warmth every year.

In addition to a family dinner and get-togethers, Christmas Day is anticipated by the children with a letter asking for a gift to Santa Claus.

The hope is, on Christmas Eve, that old bearded, bearded, bearded man comes and rewards them as he wishes.

Bobbie-Mae Chalk, an 11-year-old girl from Southampton, United States, is unlike most children who ask for toys to Santa Claus.

Mae has only one request for Christmas.

In a letter written by Mae to Santa Claus, he asked Santa to give a gift of physical healing for his mother from inflammatory bowel disease since nine years ago. where is santa ?

"Santa dear, please, if you can make my sick mother's life better and make her sick all the time, I would appreciate it," Mae wrote.

"PLEASE !! make his life more and better. It's sad to see him suffer, so please make him feel better. If I only have one request, I think it will be more helpful, "he added.

Mae's mother, Debby, who read her son's letter to Santa Claus, felt incredibly moved.

"I'm crying and can not ask for it, making me so proud to be Mae's mother," Debby explained.
The letter was uploaded by Debby to the Facebook page and has got more than 7,000 likes.