Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Importance of Technology in Economics

The spread of science and technology will create experts in the field, the experts are not only from developed countries only and even developing countries also have experts with the same ability with developed countries. The birth of these experts will provide widespread space and opportunity for developing countries in relation to the development of science and application. The purpose of this technology equity will ultimately encourage a developing country to be able to play a role in producing new technology so that it can compete with developed countries, but also to reduce dependence on the development of advanced technology science.

The international economy is the door of the world, applying this policy will facilitate the realization of trade with all countries and free countries deciding to conduct economic cooperation with other countries aimed at accelerating the development and growth of the country's economy. In addition, the community also benefited from the existence of this policy, which has an impact on the wider employment so as to improve the welfare of the community.

The presence of technology that is now felt by many societies is one form of international economic success implemented by a country. All humans in the world today can feel and enjoy the same technology, both developed and developing countries. All can use it for the purpose of simplifying all activities whether for daily activities, industrial activities, and access to information. The existence of technology brings so many changes for the development and advancement of a country and bring new life order.