Monday, December 11, 2017

Israeli PM Was - was So 'First Target' ISIS

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said the ISIS terrorists are currently trying to destroy Israel and Western countries. This was conveyed by Netanyahu during a visit to France and met with President Emmanuel Macron.

"Islamic terrorist politics are trying to destroy Israel and European countries, we hear extremist voices that not only call for the destruction of the Jewish state but also the Jews themselves and anyone who object or oppose their way," Netanyahu said, as quoted from Middle East Monitor, Monday July 17, 2017.

In his statement, Netanyahu stressed that Jerusalem is the capital city of the country that will continue to be maintained. He therefore called for unity to counter Islamic terrorism together.

"ISIS is trying to destroy us and Europe, Israel is their first goal, they do not hate the West because of Israel, but they hate Israel because of the West, they try to destroy us and you, because France is a great power," Netanyahu told Macron.

As for Palestine, Netanyahu told the French President that the source of the conflict was a Palestinian refusal to recognize a state of Israel.