Sunday, December 10, 2017

Help Manchester City Goal, Romelu Lukaku So Ledekan Material

ENGLISH - Romelu Lukaku's striker got the spotlight after Manchester United's 1-2 defeat of Manchester City in the Premier League on Sunday (11/12/2017).

The reaction of Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku in Group A Champions League contra CSKA Moscow at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, England, Wednesday (6/12/2017)
Romelu Lukaku failed to score against Manchester City in the game. He actually made a fatal mistake that resulted in the defeat of Manchester United.

Unmitigated, Lukaku is responsible to two Manchester City goals scored by David Silva (43 ') and Nicolas Otamendi (54').

First, Lukaku "accidentally" gave assists to David Silva's first goal.

Starting from soccer corner Manchester City, the ball was about the head of Lukaku who then he horns down.

Damn, Lukaku did not realize that David Silva was standing right in front of him.

Spanish midfielder was immediately grabbed the ball that penetrates the nets David de Gea.

Manchester United is able to pursue the superiority of the opponent by kicking Marcus Rashford (45 + 2 ').

But the nightmare came back to them in the second half with Lukaku again undergoing his antagonistic play.

Manchester City earned a free kick award in the 54th minute executed by Kevin De Bruyne.

De Bruyne's kick failed to meet De Gea's goal but it was precisely the place of Lukaku who came down to help the defense.

Lukaku tried to block the ball, but the kick was still low and just about the body Chris Smalling.

The ball rebound then struck by Nicolas Otamendi who bear fruit into goals.

These mistakes make my Lukaku a mockery of netizens.

Here are 5 memes Romelu Lukaku from Manchester Unitedvs Manchester City:
1. Make Assist, Sih, but Not for Co-Team
2. 'He said he told to get involved in the goal'
3. Wow, Head of Lukaku Could Be The Target of Anger, Here

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