Thursday, December 7, 2017

Great fire in California: 'As exposed to a nuclear bomb blast, totally destroyed'

The great fire scale that struck California, USA, in the last few days was described by local residents who managed to escape. One of the most severely affected cities is Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco, with all the districts of this city destroyed.

Valerie Schropp, a resident of Santa Rosa, told the BBC that she had never seen such wildfires and bushes.

He says fire is like crashing through the city and destroying existing homes and buildings. Dave Larson describes his residence as exposed to a nuclear bomb. "It's totally destroyed ... devastated, nothing left, like seeing the area affected by a nuclear bomb explosion," he said. Larson saw for himself how the fire came in just minutes. "I feel a very hot day ... I do not have much time to bring things to the shelter now it's completely destroyed," Larson said. Another resident in California, Bill Mikan, said he now has no neighbors after 30 homes in the area he inhabited by fire.

"I was sad, I fled on Sunday night, when I went back to check all the neighbor's houses were destroyed, only my house still standing, I have no neighbors now," Mikan said.

At least 17 people were killed

The death toll from forest fires and shrubs in California, United States, confirmed at least 17 people until Wednesday (11/10) morning local time. Of the 17 people killed, nine of them occurred in Sonoma. More than 150 other people are still missing, although some may be caused by a chaotic evacuation process that makes data collection impossible.

California Fire Chief, Ken Pimlott, told the BBC that the fire had burned 26,000 hectares over the past 24 hours. He said government officials were trying to track down missing people, but he was worried they could not be saved which caused the death toll to rise.

 "Of course, we hope those who are lost are taking refuge with family or friends or have fled the city," said Pimlott.

"The fire is moving very fast and there are thousands of acres that we can not check yet," he added.

Two thousand houses and buildings totally destroyed by fire.

The fire also caused more than 91,000 homes and buildings were not getting electricity. The fire in California this time is the worst in history and the smoke can be seen from a distance of 100 kilometers.

It is not known exactly how the fire that began on Sunday (08/10) night moving very quickly. But certainly, the movement of fire is assisted by strong winds that reach 96 km / hour.

Low humidity levels combined with dry and hot weather are also expected to make the fire spread very quickly.

Wind speeds on Tuesday night and Wednesday (11/10) early morning local time are easing which helps firefighters to master the flames.

source BBC