Sunday, December 24, 2017

Get to Know 10 Typical Dishes from Various Countries

Christmas soon, you know! Shopping centers have been decorating themselves with a variety of Christmas ornaments, christmas songs were already reverberant. Ah, I always agree that Christmas is "the most wonderful time of the year". Christmas not only belongs to them Christians, but belongs to everyone in this world. In addition to ornament and christmas songs, things that can not miss is a typical Christmas dish. This time, I want to invite Klikers to get to know 10 typical Christmas dishes from various countries. Let's listen!

1. Roasted Turkey (Europe)
Roasted Turkey aka Roast Turkey is one of Europe's most famous christmas specialties.
Roasted Turkey is also famous as a typical Thanksgiving menu. Due to its large size, Roasted Turkey is usually eaten together with families.

2. Chiles en Nogada (Mexico)
Chiles en Nogada is a typical Mexican dish from Mexico. Nogada itself comes from the Spanish language "nogal" which means is a walnut tree. Chiles en Nogada is a meat cooked with poblano pepper and other spices sprinkled with sauce made from walnut cream. Chiles en Nogada is then sprinkled with pomegranate granules as a decoration. Chiles en Nogada has three colors, green from chili. white from walnut cream, and red from pomegranate. Hmmm. looks really shades of Christmas really, huh?

3. Feast of Seven Fishes (Italy)
While in Italy, at Christmas they will eat a dish called Feast of Seven Fishes (also called La Vigilia). As the name implies, this dish consists of seven kinds of seafood. The Feast of Seven Fishes symbolizes the waiting for the night of Jesus Christ's birth. The menu of fish served, among others, such as anchovies, lobsters, sardines, cod, squid, octopus, shrimp, oysters, and others. Feast of Seven Fishes is also usually served with pasta, vegetables, and wine.

4. Figgy Pudding (United States)
 "Now bring us some figgy pudding ... now bring us some figgy pudding ... now bring us some figgy pudding ... and a cup of good cheer ..."
That is the second piece of the song We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Figgy Pudding is one of the typical christmas dishes coming from England. However, now Figgy Pudding better known as a christmas dish from the United States. Figgy Pudding has been a typical christmas dish since the 1600s. Figgy Pudding is actually more like a cake than a pudding. Figgy Pudding dough is made using a mixture of dried fruit, spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, rum and cognac. One of the unique ways of presenting this Figgy Pudding is to sprinkle alcohol onto the pudding and light a fire on it.

5. Risgrynsgröt (Sweden)
From Sweden, there is a typical Christmas dish named Risgrynsgröt. Risgrynsgröt this is a rice pudding that has a sweet taste with white color. Risgrynsgröt will be served during christmas to eat with big family. Swedish people believe that those who get Risgrynsgröt containing almonds will get luck.

6. Doro Wat (Ethiopia)
Doro Wat is a typical Christmas dish from Ethiopia. Doro Wat is also sometimes called Sik Sik Wat. Doro Wat is a piece of chicken meat with injera bread that has a texture like a sponge. Doro Wat is processed with cayenne pepper, berbere (typical Ethiopian spices), paprika, fenugreek, as well as other special Ethiopian spices. Doro Wat has a very spicy taste. At Christmas time, Doro Wat will be served in a large bowl and eaten together without using a spoon. The goal is to have a stronger sense of kinship.

7. Stollen Cake (Germany)
Stollen Cake or Christollen is a typical German cake made from yeast dough filled with dried fruit, nuts and marzipan and sugar sprinkles. Stollen Cake that has a sweet taste began to be known since 1329. Stollen itself means the tunnel. Stollen cake that has a long and oval shape like the shape of this tunnel actually symbolizes the baby Jesus wrapped in white lampin. However, there is also a mention that the philosophy of Stollen Cake that has this uneven surface as a symbol of camel's hump that brings a gift to Baby Jesus.

8. Yule Log (France)
Yule Log (or some who call it Buche de Noel) is one of the typical Christmas cakes from France. Yule Log has a shape like a tree trunk. Yule Log is derived from the tradition of french society that cut down the Yule tree. The top of the Yule tree will be made a Christmas tree while the bottom is used for fireplace wood. Yule Log is believed to provide protection from fire if the rest of Yule Log burned with fireplace wood is kept throughout the year.

9. Kurisumasu Keiki (Japan)
Although the majority of the population of Japan is not a Christian, but Christmas is celebrated quite lively in Japan, you know! Christmas specialties from Japan is quite famous is Kurisumasu Keiki. Kurisumasu is "Christmas" in Japanese. Kurisumasu Keiki literally means "Christmas Cake". Kurisumasu Keiki was first sold in Ginza in 1910. Kurisumasu Keiki is similar to a birthday cake. Kurisumasu Keiki is basically strawberry sponge cakes with whipped cream and strawberry fruit. Hmm, really nice ya ya, Klikers!

10. Eggnog (Europe)
Eggnog is a typical Christmas drink popular in Europe since the 17th century. It is estimated that Eggnog was brought into North America by immigrants from Europe. Eggnog that has a sweet taste is made of egg yolks are whipped with water and sugar or milk. This Eggnog can also be made with the addition of brandy, rum, or whiskey. It takes a long time to cultivate eggnog so that the taste of alcohol can seep into the egg.