Thursday, December 7, 2017

Donald Trump Recklessly Stir Up The Middle East Conflict

Many world leaders have previously warned US President Trump against taking this step. Palestine, Arab and Muslim countries, as well as Germany, Britain, the European Union, Russia and the Catholic Church leader, Pope Farnsiskus.

Even in Israel and among the Jews themselves there are those who criticize the plan, such as the Israeli daily "Haaretz." But all those warnings and criticisms can not stop Donald Trump.

His ears are closed. Although many fear that a violent outburst in the Middle East will happen again, Donald Trump continues to fulfill his campaign promise and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Spanking for Palestine

Of course, this is a symbolic meaningful step. Because for many Arabs and Muslims, as well as those outside Palestine, this step is a slap as well as a massive defeat. Anything related to Palestinian status can ignite political and religious sentiment in an instant.

On a political level, the US with this move leaves behind a long consensus in Middle Eastern diplomacy. All parties have agreed that the status of the new Jerusalem will be determined if a peace agreement has been reached between Israel and Palestine, coupled with the establishment of a Palestinian state. Moreover, the Palestinians have long claimed the East Jerusalem region as the capital of a Palestinian state that will be formed.

The US is now de facto the only country that legally recognizes the annexation of east Jerusalem by Israel. Donald Trump has unilaterally created a new fact, which is a major blow to the Arab World and the Muslim community in the world. They must be aware of their weaknesses and disabilities.

Their reaction is unpredictable: From demonstrations, protests, violent acts, to termination of political contacts and diplomatic breaks. There are many dangerous things that can happen and President Trump is rash and for no urgent reason has exacerbated the situation in the Middle East.

Forced coercion

Despite the widespread protests, Trump does not seem to be abandoning the move. An independent Palestinian state, should it be declared, should seek a new capital. The Israeli-United States axis is currently very strong. The Palestinian-Arab shaft will not be able to cope with that power. Moreover, many Arab leaders actually have other priorities, even though they are constantly demonstrating solidarity with the Palestinians.

Saudi Arabia has warned Trump President from the beginning to not do that step. But today, Saudi Arabia is busy strengthening alliances and weapons to confront Iran, regarded as its main competitor in the Islamic World. So Saudi Arabia desperately needs the help of the United States, which means indirectly, as well as Israeli aid.

Basically, the fate of Palestinians is not very important, either for Saudi Arabia or for Iran. Both countries are competing and trying to expand their influence in the Middle East. However, both countries are equally often using the issue of solidarity with the Palestinians for political interests.

When announcing his decision, President Trump reiterated that the United States will continue to push the peace process in the Middle East. This is a cynical statement. The first to feel the impact of this new escalation are Israelis and Palestinians themselves.