Sunday, December 24, 2017

Culture and Tradition of Christmas Celebration in Japan

Referring to history, Christmas was first introduced by a Jesuit missionary in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1552. But many believe Christmas's actual celebrations have been in Japan since 1549, brought by Saint Francis Xavier to Japan

Santa Claus may have roots from Europe, but that does not mean he does not give gifts or happiness to children in Japan. According to some historians, the popularity of Santa Claus in Japan also influenced the spread of Christianity in the 16-17 century in the Edo period.

The Christmas atmosphere, which is identical to winter and snow, fits perfectly with Japan's climate in December, thus facilitating the spread of religion, including the legend of Santa Claus.
Although the presentation of Christians in Japan alone is still a minority, only 1% of the population in Japan, but that does not mean the Christmas celebrations are not festive there.

The Japanese celebrate Christmas is not a Christian. As enthusiasts of celebrations and festivals, they do so because they find it attractive and a lucrative business opportunity for business people.
Cities in Japan did not miss in preparing Christmas Eve. There will be many pine trees adorned with sparkling lights since early December.

Christmas Eve celebrations in Japan are sometimes more lively than Christmas or December 25th. It became one of the most awaited annual events in addition to Halloween celebrations.
The song "Kurisumasu ibu" (Christmas Eve) from Yamashita TatsurĊ has for the past three decades always dubbed music charts in Japan during December. Television shows on December 24 will be filled by Christmas programs, as well as in Indonesia.

Romantic night
In other countries, Christmas is a time to spend time with family, but in Japan a little different. Christmas Eve is considered very romantic. Time for couples to exchange gifts like the days of Velentine.

While for those who do not have a partner, this is a good time to get a lover and spend a romantic time on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is one of the romantic moments for lovers in Japan
Invite her partner to date, give gifts, enjoy a romantic dinner meal with wine and end it by having sex at the hotel. So, it is not surprising that all hotel rooms are full on December 24th.

Eating cakes and chickens
The tradition of eating strawberry tarts is also routinely done by the Japanese just on Christmas Eve. This is also the season where the cake sellers will get multiple profits.

The Japanese will buy cakes for them to eat together and as gifts to their relatives or friends.
The owner of "Asahi" cake shop in Yamaguchi Prefecture Yanai Town, even claimed to sell strawberry tarts up to 1,200 pieces before Christmas, when usually only sell about 400 cakes each month.

Not surprisingly, during Christmas Eve celebrations, KFC shops became one of the most crowded places in all parts of Japan. They will have dinner with their lovers, relatives, and of course Col's statue. Harland Sanders