Sunday, December 24, 2017

8 The Most Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Christmas More Impressive

Christmas and New Year. Two special moments that always look forward to his presence, even since December began to say hello. Since Christmas is only a few days away, have you decorated the Christmas Tree at home?

In a way, the Christmas Tree became one of the "must" that must exist in every corner of the house. The excitement of decorating it becomes a fun moment not to be missed. If you have not got an idea to decorate the Christmas Tree, here are 8 Christmas decoration ideas that are quite elegant to practice. Guaranteed deh your Christmas will feel more memorable.

1. Christmas tree minimalist
If you do not really like the Christmas tree with the lights are too bright, this one design you can try. You just need simple decorations and do not need to decorate it to cover the entire tree. In addition to more suitable placed in any interior, this design looks more simple but elegant.

2. Christmas tree with bright design
If the minimalist prefer decoration with a calm color, this Christmas tree more use the decoration with bright colors that shine. You can use the beautiful colorful candy decorations or the wreaths and Christmas ornaments in general. You can combine favorite childhood decor with modern decoration to make your tree look more unique and stylish.

3. Tree with red shades
Not always identical to the color of white snow, red color you can make a choice for your Christmas theme. You can decorate the Christmas Tree with whatever decor you like. The red color you can mix with any color. Red and white for example, to look more Nationalist. The dominating red color will make the room seem more luxurious and classy.

4. Tree with design that "shine"
You who like the light, you can use many lights to decorate the Christmas Tree. Do not just one or two, just cover the entire tree with a row of colored lights that will make the tree shine brightly. The design will present a "magical" impression and a miracle in your room.

5. Design bubble and light
The next design you can use the bubble-like trinkets and lights. You can choose a particular color or color according to taste. Choose only what you like and place with a certain distance neatly. Round shape will make your tree look different and more unique. Moreover, coupled with light from small lights, cool !

6. The most elegant Christmas tree
With this decor you will not be able to take your eyes off this beautiful tree. Unusual toys, wreaths, ornaments and also branches of trees that seem to be covered with snow. The basic rule is, you must first define the color scheme and also the design you want to use to decorate the tree.

7. Tree of vintage design
Unlike the others, you can use childhood toys or items with vintage models for Christmas tree ornaments. You can search for decorations in vintage stores or flea markets (if any). It is well-preserved, beautiful childhood memories will again be reflected in Christmas this year.

8. Creative design
You who have the creativity and also the high imagination, you can use to make your Christmas more memorable. This Christmas tree you can decorate as you please by using unusual decorations according to your creativity. Like dried fruit, dolls, gingerbread, or anything that was never thought of as a Christmas tree ornament.

With the 8 ideas above, hopefully your Christmas nuance can be different and more memorable yes!