Thursday, December 28, 2017

13 New Year Traditions in the World

The new year is a highly anticipated moment all over the world. This is the greatest celebration of the whole world. The new year is also a good time to get together and meet the people we love like family. Many things a family can do to welcome the new year. Many of the usual preparations made by people before entering the new year, from shopping for household needs, throwing a party up to make a unique habit that is only done at the new year. Every country around the world also has a different tradition of welcoming the new year. Here are 10 most unique new year traditions around the world.

1. Indonesia
In Indonesia people celebrate the new year by gathering before midnight the turn of the new year and when the turn of the year people will light the fireworks and blow the trumpets together loudly, then people will watch the concert or just get together with family.

2. United States
The new year is a great celebration for the people of the United States. Americans used to celebrate New Year's Eve by hosting a party or festival. They will dance, sing, and also eat together. At 12 o'clock at night, the couple will hug each other and everyone says 'Happy New Year'.

3. Scotland
In the Scottish country people call New Year's Eve as Night of the Candle. They welcome the new year by cleaning the house and preparing for the upcoming guests. The myth of who was the first guest to enter through the door of the house and bring a gift for the host will determine the luck for the whole family.

4. Spain
In Spain, when New Year's Eve almost all public facilities will be closed. Usually people celebrate New Year's turn by eating 12 grapes quickly, this is believed to bring good luck and happiness in the following years.

5. Russia
In Russia, the tradition of New Year's turn is usually done like Christmas in other countries. Someone like Santa Claus who came and brought a bag full of children's toys to the houses to share them. But the difference is not the name of Santa Claus but the Grandfather Frost in a blue costume.

6. Greece
In Greece, the tradition of the New Year celebration is done by cutting a new year's bread which contains a coin or talisman called Vasilopita, and the head of the family and distributed to other family members. This bread is believed to bring good fortune to the family.

7. Belgium
New Year's tradition in Belgium is usually done by partying at midnight at twelve to early morning and there is also a tradition called Niuwjaarrsdag that children will write letters to their parents and they will read it in front of their parents during family gathering.

8. Australia
In the Land of Kangaroos, the New Year tradition is done by partying. The party begins the day before the turn of the year, at 12 o'clock at night they will blow a trumpet or whistle later on the other date they spend time hanging out with family or picnic.

9. Finland
In Finland, the new year tradition is done by melting the tin plate, it is believed that what is melted is the next year's forecast, if the tin is ring-shaped then there is a marriage, if it looks like a ship there will be travel, and many other symbols.

10. Philippines
In the Philippines, the tradition of the New Year celebrations is always synonymous with the round shape. In the new year they will provide food or fruits that are round or wear clothes or anything that is round. Unbelievable for the Filipinos a round shape can attract fortune or bring good luck.

12. Japan
In Japan, the New Year celebration is done by partying with family by seeing the fireworks festival, and the bells in the Buddhist temples in Japan will be sounded 108 times throughout the night until the turn of the year. Each bell clang represents the 108 dirty thoughts everyone has.

13. Colombia
In Colombia, the New Year tradition is done by burning a doll made of straw like a scarecrow, then they will write bad luck or mistake they want to throw in a paper and by twelve they will put paper on the doll and burn it, as a goodbye symbol for bad luck and good luck welcome.