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What is Trypophobia and How to Treat It?

What is Trypophobia and How to Treat It?

TRYPOPHOBIA - Do you know what a phobia is? Phobias or phobias are excessive fear of something or a particular phenomenon. Usually a person with a strange phobia is often a bully target by the people around him.

Various kinds of phobias are numerous. On this occasion we will discuss trypophobia, about understanding, causes and how to eliminate the phobia disease.
Understanding Trypophobia

Trypophobia is a phobia against holes in a surface. So people who experience it will feel fear, anxiety and even nausea when seeing a very large hole like lotus seeds, bone marrow, sponge and so forth.
Not only on real objects, people who experience trypophobia will also feel scared and nauseous when looking at images of the human body filled with holes, even though the image is actually just a result of image engineering or editing.

Causes of Trypophobia
Experts still have not found out what causes this strange phobia. Some argue that trypophobia is the same as other types of phobias that have been experienced since children, such as altitude phobia.
Most likely due to trauma when entering the early stages of life. Since the cause of trypophobia is unknown, there is no trypophobia test or any kind of test to check this phobia.

How to Eliminate Trypophobia
Basically, how to eliminate any phobia is almost the same, that is by reducing little by little or eliminate the fear of something experienced.

Here are some ways to eliminate trypophobia disease that we have collected from various sources.

1. Systematic desistation
This first way is one of the therapy that is intended for people with trypophobia disease, namely by making the patient feel relaxed.

When you feel comfortable, then the image is shown about the holes contained in the human body to the patient.

2. Reframing
Reframing is one way of eliminating trypophobia by curing the fear of holes by imagining the past and telling a psychiatrist about how initially when he had trypophobia.

3. Flooding
Flooding therapy is quite a tough way for the sufferer trypophobia. Flooding therapy is done by placing the patient along with pictures of the holes until the patient feels strong and does not experience fear anymore.

But the way this one felt forced and very hard. At first the therapeutic process the sufferer may faint or have vomiting.

4. Abreaction
How to eliminate the fourth trypophobia is done by way of approach to the sufferer trypophobia.
Approaches such as showing pictures or photographs of the holes contained in the human body, when already familiar with the picture or photograph, began to be brought closer so that the patient trypophobia slowly become accustomed.

5. Drugs
How to eliminate the last trypophobia with drugs, this is the last option to do. Because if in the long-term use of drugs, can cause other side effects.

But if it has been forced, the patient can take antidepressants, beta-blockers and other similar drugs.
That is the discussion of understanding, the causes and ways of eliminating trypophobia or hole phobia.

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