Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What Happened Had Black Friday Applied in Indonesia?

Citizen6 Jakarta Have you ever heard what Black Friday is? If not, you should never interpret it literally, black is black and friday is Friday. Not like that, because Black Friday is a term.

Black Friday is arguably already a popular culture in European society. The arrival of Black Friday is definitely awaited. Because, Black Friday is a day where all the stores in Europe give a massive discount for the products it sells. Even said, on Black Friday you will have no trouble finding a store that opens up to 80% discount.

Therefore, people in Europe sometimes to make a tent and stay in front of the store that will open a large discount. The goal is that they can enter the store as the first and get the goods super cheap.
Black Friday falls on a single day once a year. Usually taken from Friday after the fourth Thursday week in November or after Thanksgiving Day. In social media Twitter, Black Friday entered into one of the most popular topic in Indonesia that netizen talked about today. So, have you ever imagine what happens if Black Friday is also applied in Indonesia? (War) **