Sunday, November 19, 2017

US President Donald Trump during his speech at the 2017 APEC Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam (AP Photo / Andrew Harnik)

Da Nang - Donald Trump responds with a sarcastic rhetoric of North Korea calling it a "destroyer" who "begs for nuclear war to break out". In a statement that attacked Trump, North Korea also called the President of the United States "dotard" or more meaningful parent who has senile.
"Why is Kim Jong-un insulting me by calling me 'old', while I never call him 'fat' and 'short'? Oh well, I'm trying too much to be his friend - and maybe someday it will work!" twit Trump on November 12 while he was in Da Nang, Vietnam, to attend the APEC Summit.
This is not the first time North Korea has mocked Trump as "dotard".
When asked by reporters about his possibility of making friends with the North Korean leader, Trump called it possible.
"Strange things happen in life.That's probably one of the strange things that will happen, but, of course that's a possibility," Trump told a news conference in Vietnam as quoted by CNN on Monday (13/11/2017) .
He added, "If it happens, it will be a good thing for North Korea, it is good for many places, and ultimately good for the world."
During his trip to Asia, namely to Japan, South Korea and China, issues related to the North Korea nuclear crisis became the main focus.
"The weapons you (North Korea) get, do not make you safer, they put your regime in great danger," Trump said during a speech at the South Korean National Assembly. He continued, "Every step you take in the path of darkness will increase the danger you face."
In addition, the father of five children also asked all countries to stop doing business with North Korea.
"Together we have the power to finally liberate the region and the world from a very serious nuclear threat, but it will require collective action, collective power and collective loyalty to win peace," Trump said.
Meanwhile, on the other hand, North Korea considers that Trump's visit to Asia is nothing but a business trip to enrich the monopoly of the US defense industry.
"Trump, during his visit, stated that in truth he is a destroyer of world peace and stability and expects the outbreak of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula," the North's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
War of words between Trump and North Korea increased in recent months after Pyongyang threatened to launch missiles into the US territory in Guam.
While visiting South Korea, Trump is scheduled to visit a demilitarized zone that split the two Koreas where South Korean and North Korean military troops face to face. Unfortunately, the visit had to be canceled due to weather constraints.
The United States on Saturday, November 11, has begun joint military exercises with South Korea in the Western Pacific. The exercise involved three aircraft carriers, namely USS Ronald Reagan, USS Nimitz, and USS Theodore Roosevelt.
The joint US and South Korean exercises aim to improve joint operations and air attacks.
"In addition, the exercises will show a strong military will and willingness to defeat any provocation of North Korea with a dominant force in times of crisis," the South Korean military said in a statement.
Trump, continues to throw a stern rhetoric against North Korea. On Sunday, he said the world had been provoked by the country.
"We want to progress, not provocation, we have provoked the world has been provoked," Trump said. He added that the world needs peace instead of war.