Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving football 2017

Thanksgiving Day game also known as Classic Thanksgiving Day has been a part of NFL history for some time. Thanksgiving Day games are usually held at the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys home stadiums with some exceptions. At Kansas City Chiefs also brought the Thanksgiving Day game.

The Detroit Lions is a perennial host of the event after having entertained the Thanksgiving Day game every year since. Lions opponent in the first game is the Chicago Bears who won the match -. For now the Detroit Lions have played the game on Thanksgiving Day. The only time the Lions did not hold a game on this day in years from until due to World War II.

In the year joined Cowboys National Football League as an expansion team and in the year they hosted their first classic Thanksgiving Day at the Cotton Bowl. Since years Cowboys games have been held every year since years at Texas Stadium with the exception of the year and when the St. Louis Cardinals host. The Cowboys won in their first game on defeating the Cleveland Browns -

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