Saturday, November 18, 2017

Often Considered Natural Material For Skin Care, But Actually Dangerous To Face Skin

To maintain the beauty of the skin, especially facial skin, quite a lot of women who use various natural materials that are easy to find in the kitchen. Usually, they will use guidelines from articles or videos labeled Do It Yourself (DIY) from the internet to use these natural ingredients. Unfortunately, according to health experts, it turns out there are some natural ingredients that should not be used to treat the skin, especially facial skin, because it can provide adverse effects. What are these natural ingredients?
Lemon juice
Health experts in the field of dermatology named Mona Gohara, M.D., From Danbury, United States mentions if lemon juice should not be used to treat facial skin because it is acidic and can change skin pH levels. If this happens, the skin may experience problems such as redness, irritation, or even damage.
Baking soda
Soda baking or baking sodis mentioned can make the skin become brighter naturally so many women use it as a mask. Unfortunately, health experts say that baking soda is harmful to facial skin because of its ability to change pH levels, erode the skin layer, to make germs and bacteria more easily enter the skin pores.
Raw eggs
Raw eggs are included in natural ingredients that are very often used as a mask of majah, especially peeling off peeling mask. Unfortunately, the eggs are still raw it has a content of salmonella bacteria are very dangerous for health. It is feared, if we put raw eggs close to the mouth, then these harmful bacteria will enter the mouth and eventually can trigger various dangerous diseases.

Seeing this fact, it's good that we no longer use these natural ingredients and choose other materials more secure to care for our facial skin.