Sunday, November 19, 2017

North Korea: Call Kim Jong-un Fat, Trump Appropriately Sentenced to Death

Kim Jong-un while driving a tractor at Kumsong Tractor Factory in undated photos released by KCNA news agency (15/11). The domestically-made tractor is a form of North Korean independence amid international sanctions. (AFP Photo / Kcna Via Kns / Str)
 Pyongyang - North Korean state media, Rodong Sinmun, said that Donald Trump deserved death sentence for naming Kim Jong-un short and fat.
"The worst crime that makes him (Trump) unforgivable is that he dares to hurt the dignity of the supreme leader," said Rodong Sinmun's editorial, as quoted by on Wednesday (15/11/2017).
"He should know that he is just a horrible criminal who deserves death sentence by Koreans," the editorial added.
Trump indirectly dubbed the short and fat Kim Jong-un through his tweet on November 12th. At that time he was in Da Nang, Vietnam, in order to attend the APEC Summit.
"Why is Kim Jong-un insulting me by calling me 'old', while I never call him 'fat' and 'short'? Oh well, I'm trying too much to be his friend - and maybe someday it will work!" Trump chirping.
Trump's chirp was a response to the North's rhetoric that called it "instigator of war". Not only that, Pyongyang also mentioned that his trip to Asia is designed for confrontation.
ethically asked directly by reporters about his possible friendship with Kim Jong-un, Trump mentioned that it might happen.
"Strange things happen in life.That's probably one of the strange things that will happen, but, of course it is a possibility," Trump said in a news conference in Vietnam, as reported by CNN.
He added, "If it happens, it will be a good thing for North Korea, it is good for many places, and ultimately good for the world."
According to The Guardian, in his editorial, Rodong Sinmun, also called the US President a coward for canceling a visit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
Trump was canceled to visit the two Korean border. The trigger is bad weather. The Marine One helicopter carrying it was reported to have taken off to the DMZ, but was soon forced to return due to foggy conditions and visibility under a mile.
"It's not because of the weather, he (Trump) is too scared to face the sharp eyes of our soldiers," Rodong Sinmun wrote.