Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How to Eat Legitimate Sago Caterpillars in Papua, guaranteed to try it.

Silkworm is a snack of Papuans. This caterpillar is taken from sago trees in the jungle. The color is white and large like the size of an adult's thumb. It feels really good!
Not only papeda, Bumi Cendrawasih has a variety of culinary that must be tasted. Sagu caterpillar is one of them. This caterpillar looks like a snack for Papuans. They eat it raw and some are cooked. Hmm, what does it feel like?
detikTravel opportunity to taste sago caterpillar in Kampung Kaugapu, residence of Kamoro tribe, Timika, Thursday (11/22/2012). Together with the Dream Destination team of Papua and Freeport, the Kamoro tribe presents many surprises.
First came, adult women and men The Kamoro tribe performed an ants dance to welcome the entourage. The heat of the sun burning the skin, does not make anyone complain and even enthusiastic to interact more closely.
After that, the Kamoro tribe's adult woman presents this culinary. In one large tray, there is a white animal with a typical movement of the caterpillar.
The size of an adult's thumb. At the end of his body, there is a red color as a head. That is sago worm. That said, this caterpillar has a high protein you know!
"It's a daily meal here. Taken from the sago tree, "said the original woman of the Comorian tribe, Regina Yaporau who was sorting sago caterpillar to detikTravel.
Uniquely, there are two ways to eat this sago caterpillar, which is eaten raw and also eaten after cooking. It feels different too.
However, there is one important thing before eating sago worm. "His head must be thrown out," Regina explained.
When eaten raw, the caterpillar is still moving in the hand. There was fluid coming out of his body. After throwing his head away, the caterpillar is still moving. The curiosity to gobble up more and more.
Nyamm! This raw sago caterpillar enters the mouth. When chewed, it feels chewy, sour, and tasteless. However, the taste of acid more dominates in this mouth. The fluid inside the caterpillar even more tastes.
"It has to be chewed many times to let its teeth," said another Kamoro man, Vincencius Kapirapu with a smile.
Indeed, one bite alone is not enough to destroy the caterpillar in the mouth. Chews must be many times!
Satisfied to taste sago caterpillar alive, now is the time to try sago worm cooked. Sago caterpillar wrapped with banana tree folds with sago in addition.
After about half an hour of cooking, caterpillar sago and sagunya was cooked. From the aroma, the smell of burning smells. When opened, there are sago and sago worms are roasted.
Nyamm, sago cooked caterpillar has more delicious taste and tasty. More kriuk and not sour. His roasted skin makes his mouth addictive to try again. Especially when eaten with his sago, this is a typical snack from Papua.
Try eating sago worms while traveling to Papua. The taste and the bite while chewing it will give you an unforgettable experience.
"Almost all in Papua eat sago worms, how does it feel? Is it good? "Vincencius asked when he saw my reaction that was chewing sago worm.