Saturday, November 25, 2017


Bizzels are sub-districts located in Berau District, East Kalimantan. In the village that saved a lot of natural attractions. One of them is currently being warmly discussed is Labuan Cermin.
To reach the Big Dipper can be reached by several lanes, for land routes can be reached closest from Sangatta with travel time about 10 hours. Can also through Samarinda with travel costs around IDR 350,000 course takes longer. The distance from Tanjung Redeb, Berau to the Big Dipper is about 5 hours by road.

For a closer travel time is through the air. Via Balikpapan (Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan Airport) to Berau (Bandara Kalimarau) with 50 minutes travel time. Balikpapan Balikpapan ticket - Berau is around 1 million, depending on promo and peak season time. From Kalimarau Airport can go to Kijang Terminal (front of Terminal Lama), there are many Travel (Avanza, Xenia, etc) ready to take to Biduk-biduk with cost per person that is IDR150.000 one way, whereas if want to charter, cost  IDR 900.000 per car . The condition of the road to the Big Dipper at that time has been managed by the local government, the streets are on the asphalt, but some are in the process of paving, some roads are also still found the holes are pretty decent. So prepare your body in a fit state, because the journey is long and tangle. Along the way there is still a lot of unspoiled forest interspersed with oil palm plantations. Towards the Big Dipper will pass 6 districts including: District Sambaliung, District Suaran, District Tabalar, District Biantan, District Talisayan, District Batu Putih.

There are inn / homestay in Big Dipper, the amount is still small. For the price of lodging there are IDR 100,000 accommodation facilities of the fan, outdoor bathroom, IDR 175,000 with air conditioning, bathroom facilities. (source: Selvia Lodging). In some inns usually provide motorcycles to be used around in the Big Dipper and it is free, just need to fill the gasoline only. From Selvia Inn to Labuan Mirror pier is taken for 10 minutes using the vehicle. The cost of renting a boat from the pier to Labuan Cermin, PP is IDR 100,000, can be loaded up to 10 people. From the pier very close to Labuan Cermin which is 10 minutes.

During the trip to Labuan Mirror, will be treated by green forests on the edge of the water, the water was very calm, occasionally try how the taste of water on the pier, it turns brackish. The previous trip for 6 hours was paid upon entering a lake in the middle of the forest. The water is so clear and very fresh to make people who come want to go into it. It is true that the lake is named Labuan Cermin, because the clarity that we can look in the water.

Labuan Mirror has two flavors, which are over tender and under salty, the difference between bargain & salt is visible when we wander into the water, like fresh water dripped with sugar water. Even so, the water at the top of Labuan Cermin never turns salty. in addition to Labuan Cermin, there are several other attractions in the Big Dipper including Sulaiman Bay (location alongside the road of village Biduk-biduk), Pulau Kaniungan Besar & Pulau Kaniungan Kecil, Teluk Sumbang, Teluk Sumbang Waterfall, Bidadari Waterfall. To get to Kaniungan Island & Teluk Sumbang Island by boat at Sulaiman Bay wharf within 15 minutes drive from Selvia Inn. There are many boats that can be hired to get around the island, if only go to Pulau Kaniungan Besar, the cost of the ship is IDR 400,000, can fit 10-15 people. To circumnavigate the other islands (Kaniungan Kecil, Teluk Sumbang), the cost is IDR 600,000. Travel time to the island about 1 hour.

Great Kaniungan Island has facilities such as lodging, Mushalla, public toilets, food stalls, but lodging there is limited & if you want to stay must order far away. Kaniungan Island is suitable for snorkeling because the water is clear and also very quiet.

Teluk Sumbang Island is located a little way from Pulau Kaniungan, in Teluk Sumbang there are already some residents who inhabit the island. Warung, mushalla was also there. The island is bigger than Pulau Kaniungan. There are several waterfalls in the middle of the forest in which the closest is Teluk Sumbang Waterfall (10 minutes on foot from the Pier of Sumbang Bay), Bidadari Waterfall (2 hours land tracking track), & one more waterfall that is very far away (forgot his name, hehe ..). The higher the location of the waterfall, the better and storied.

tips & Info:
1. Avoid peak season when you want to visit there, because the price of airline tickets is very expensive
2. Call travel long-distance to be picked up directly at the airport, because to get to the Old Terminal from the Airport, we have to ride Taxi which cost quite expensive, amounting to IDR 120,000
3. For a cheaper budget, go with a group, but if only two or a few people, do not be shy to ask & nebeng to transport the boat to Labuan Cermin & around the island, guaranteed to save budget
4. Booking long distances for lodging in the Big Dipper, because lodging there is limited and if the holiday season, the average lodging is full
5. Should bring your own snorkeling equipment, snorkeling equipment & buoys only available near Labuan Mirror dock. The snorkel equipment that is rented is just a little and the condition is not good
6. If you want to save budget, can stay at home residents, we only need to pay seikhlasnya, residents there very good
7. Along the road The cud-orange often found livestock residents who were deliberately off, like cows, goats, so be careful driving
8. Food stalls are recomended: Warung Ibu Hj. Saudah, the grilled fish is very tasty, 1 big fish for two people, the price is IDR 75.000 complete with rice, various vegetable soup, sambal, & coconut ice. Its location near the Labuan Mirror dock
9. The average water in the village of Big Dipper feels a bit brackish
10. Driver of the car: Pak Darwis 081251034xxx, Boat around the island: Mr. Lali 082149578xxx, Selvia Inn: 081258802xxx
11. We recommend that the initial route to the island of Kaniungan & Bay Sumbang, because the trip there far, & if you want to arrive at Bidadari Waterfall, it is better to stay on the island of Great Kaniungan. After that go back to the village of Big Dipper then proceed to Labuan Cermin, because the distance is close.
Cost (from Balikpapan):
1. Ticket of PP to Berau about 1.1 million
2. Airport Tax Sepinggan Airport IDR 75.000, Kalimarau Airport IDR 16.000
3. Travel from Berau - IDR 300,000 diets
4. Air conditioned Lodging per night IDR 175,000
5. Boat to Labuan Mirror IDR 10.000
6. Ship around IDR 60,000 islands (estimated 1 ship IDR 600,000 for 10 people)
7. Miscellaneous expenses: (meals per day IDR 50.000 / person, snorkeling equipment rental IDR 30.000 / hari)
Total estimated budget of 2 million for 4 days 3 nights