Sunday, November 19, 2017

Benefits Of Santan For Hair Health

Santan is not only used to make cooking alone, but has many properties that are to overcome the problem of dry hair and fall out. Santan is the result of shredded coconut meat, given water, squeezed and filtered until only the remaining water. Santan has a savory taste and a distinctive aroma for cooking. All parts of coconut indeed have many benefits. Already we know ourselves that coconut oil is useful to reduce gray hair and prevent bald because it will accelerate hair growth.
However, it turns out that coconut milk also has tremendous benefits for hair health. Making coconut milk is also easier than coconut oil. Its use is easy enough to apply it from hair root to hair tip, wait a few minutes, and rinse thoroughly with shampoo. Santan is more useful to maintain the fertility of hair and straighten hair. There are also many other benefits of this coconut milk. Various benefits of coconut milk for hair health include:
 1. Protecting Hair
Not only the skin should be protected from exposure to radiation, population, and free radicals. But hair also needs to loh. Because hair is left exposed to population exposure and free radicals will cause hair damage. Nutrition in coconut milk is very useful to prevent hair from exposure to UV rays of the sun, pollution, and harmful substances. Use coconut milk to keep your hair healthy once a week to get healthy and shiny hair.
2. Longer Hair
Maybe for some people who finished cutting their hair will be disappointed with their short hair because it does not match the face or face shape. Surely you will find a way to get your hair growing fast. However, the rice has become mush. One of the alternatives to make your hair quickly lengthkantan coconut milk to be applied from the roots to the tip of your hair regularly, Santan memilliki powerful efficacy to accelerate the hair for a long fast.
3. Eradicate Dandruff
Surely many have problems with this one hair. Yak, especially if open dandruff. Dandruff is very disturbing appearance because other than itching on the scalp will also result in dirty on the shirt, especially black clothes will surely look dandruff - dandruff is falling. Well, to fix this you can use coconut milk mask for your hair and scalp. Wait a few minutes, then rinse with clean water and shampoo. Routine in using coconut milk mask for this hair until dandruff does not come back again.
4. Improve Hair Damage
Surely healthy hair is everyone's dream, especially the women. However, if your hair is damaged, due to rebonding or your hair branching, do not panic. The solution fix your damaged hair with coconut milk. All kinds of damage to hair such as coarse hair, branched hair, or hair often fall out, and brittle will be overcome by the coconut milk.
5. Soften Hair
Coarse hair? Who wants to have rough hair like a broom of fibers. Surely everyone will choose to have soft hair. Confused how to soften the hair, do not need every day nyalon, better money saved or to buy other purposes. Soft hair you can get cheap, easy, and alam.Caranya use coconut milk mask on your hair because this coconut milk will make your hair becomes soft, so easy to tidied and arranged. Surely your appearance will be more beautiful.
6. Smoothing Hair
Your hair is hard to regulate? Like a lion's hair every waking? Surely many of the women who have hair limp and tangled. It must be bete if the hair is difficult to set up and not good to the eye because it is so drenched and crumpled. Do not tidy the unruly hair with a tight comb - and do not force your hair to comb it too hard later instead your hair is a lot of fall out. Do not use chemicals from hair because it will make your hair more damaged. Wear natural ingredients such as coconut milk to make tangled hair easy to set and no need to fear when combing hair because hair loss will certainly decrease.
7. Give Hair Luster
Hayo, who claims who has dull hair? Surely you are less confident to go out to party, to mall, or public place. For those of you who have dull hair, definitely want to have shiny hair is not it? No need to worry, because making hair sparkling is quite easy, just use coconut milk as a hair mask on a regular basis. At least enough 2 times a week to get the best results of black hair and shiny.
8. Giving Hair Protein
Not only our bodies loh need adequate protein. Hair also needs protein. Because the nutrients greatly affect fertility and hair health. Santan contains high protein than eggs. Therefore, to maintain healthy hair better use coconut milk mask because it will provide more nutri on your hair. Use excessively regularly to get healthy, shiny hair.
9. Hair Conditioner
Many hair conditioner products are on the market with a variety of brands and benefits that ditwarkan. But what's wrong, try with natural ingredients. Santan can be a natural hair conditioner. The way is simply mix the coconut milk with olive oil or castor oil then apply to the hair while massaging it slowly.
10. Prevent Hair Loss
Many complaints about hair loss, not least for women and men. Surely the fear is there because hair loss can cause baldness. Hair loss is usually due to lack of nutrients or poorly maintained hair. Then How to cope with hair loss? Many sauces, containing vitamin E, essential oils, and proteins that are useful to strengthen hair from the roots, so that the hair will certainly be stronger and reduce hair loss, either hair loss from the hair root or because broken hair.
11. Moisturize the Scalp
The scalp greatly affects the health of your hair. Because the scalp is the base for growing hair. If the scalp is not groomed and damaged then the hair will also be damaged. Dry, scaly scalp will cause dandruff and hair loss. Therefore, apply coconut milk not only in the hair but also on the scalp to get more healthy hair and scalp. So, you should always pay attention to the moisture of your scalp, not to dry or scaly.